Friday, August 27, 2010

Blogging at a snail's pace

Its taken me a whole week to get this done - my laptop is misbehaving. Are laptops subject to the vagaries of the full moon? My week was brightened by news from the kind folks at of the release of issue 48 of Rowan Knitting, chock full of droolable knits and obviously meant for a woman with a stash of wool and no need to buy more (cue irony). I love, love, love these patterns ...

The coming change of season, even though it doesn't happen on time here in Albany, is encouraging everyone to clean up and chuck out, even me. I had a wardrobe cull, which demonstrated that I have enough clothes to last possibly forever. I managed to get rid of some things, hoping to make some space which unfortunately has been immediately filled with other people's chuckouts. It's kind of a clothing roundabout. The circle of life continues. Last weekend's garage saling had been a bit of a disappointment, not many on and not much at the ones which were. We gave in to starvation and went to Ellen Cove, on Middleton Beach, to consume a gourmet snack (cheeseburger, fries, coke - OK, the word gourmet is a bit of a stretch) and watch the whales frolicking in the bay. It was, not to exaggerate, gorgeous. The whale in the shot is the teeny black spot but you get the idea....

Making the most of the short burst of nice weather, I decided to finish another of my son's 18th birthday presents - a cupboard/bookshelf made from a box used to transport bullets. I had been looking everywhere for the right danish oil to finish it off and finally found it. It's organic and smells of lemon and leaves the most beautiful finish on the wood. I left the stencilled writing on the sides, I particularly loved the 'inert projectiles'. Inside, shelves made from recycled pine tongue and groove and sanded garden stakes. From an unattractive and tatty crate an interesting piece of furniture, which reminds me of the depression era packing crate furniture. I have a second box, waiting for a sand on the inside and some shelves - anyone got any floorboards they aren't using?

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Too much time on my hands

Its been an eventful two weeks, what with one thing and another.

I had a week off, too sick to do much more than trawl the internet and lurk on Facebook games from my sick-bed. Nasty virus, almost too sick to appreciate being unable to go to work. Far too ill to do housework. Possibly worse than man-flu.
But in my trawling of the interweb, I came across these l
ittle gems via a friend's "like" page on Facebook - note to teenagers, there is a use for that button other than random clicking.

The California State Button Society
formed in 1941 as a non-profit organization, dedicated to the hobby of [clothing] button study and preservation through collecting. To quote a friend, banal but strangely compelling.

Habadash from Castlemaine in Victoria, is a purveyor of vintage and antique buttons, lace, and bits and bobs, all highly desirable. A note for those who are susceptible to attacks of want, remember to breathe. It may be safer to pass the credit card to a responsible adult before looking. You know who you are.

The other thing which came under the heading of keeping warm was completing my son's 18th birthday quilt, just finishing off the quilting and binding it off - all done with the aid of a backlog of series of House. In retrospect, probably not the best viewing when one is unwell, but I can participate in the differential quite well from the couch.
Luckily, I recovered enough for some serious garage saling with friends from Perth, and Albany did not disappoint. The car was already full-ish (although loosely packed) when we came across an estate sale.

One table went home on the roof racks, and there were beautiful old books going back to 1897, well loved editions of the major cookbooks (CWA and Golden Wattle), handmade aprons, old silverware,a fabulous feather comforter (in renovation as I type)and all sorts of gorgeous old things.

We had a great chat, paused to re-pack the car, and staggered off for lunch at the Squid Shack followed by a spot of whale watching, arvo tea at Liberte, home for dinner. A gin and tonic on the front verandah overlooking the harbour, all very civilised.

I regret not getting the hand crocheted doilies in a deep teal - couldn't think what I would use them for. Of course, I have thought of several things since.

Next morning off to the Bargain Bonanza, the two monthly trash and treasure/car boot sale - the vibe somewhat spoilt by the car park having few functioning lights. Never mind, the serious shopaholic can shop by torchlight or indeed touch. Three dear old suitcases, which luckily fitted inside each other, russian doll style, for ease of transport. Beautiful daffodils, first of the season for me, and even a couple of tiny bits of jewellery.

I probably have enough suitcases now. Maybe.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Just a quick weather report

Mid-winter, Albany, Sunday.

Does it get any better than this?


Late afternoon
A perfect, warm, still, sunny, washing-drying, sitting outside, doors open, no flies Sunday.

Home-made pavlova with local passionfruit, teenagers, friends. Whales at Middleton Beach.