Sunday, June 19, 2011

Girl, volcanically disrupted

Home again, a few days later than planned but hey, what can you do?  It wasn't my volcano. The dust made for some absolutely glorious orange sunrises and sunsets, and an interesting view from the plane of another aircraft leaving a black jetstream.

I had a fantastic time catching up with old friends and getting to know new ones, seeing lots of new places, checking out op shops, markets and antique stores, looking at mountains, snow covered and otherwise, and generally exploring.

I've marked Brisbane and Queensland as deserving of  future exploration, loved South Bank and the galleries and museum.  I must say that the State Library bookshop could have caused some serious financial distress. Luckily, the weight restrictions imposed by Qantas overrode even my book mania. 

We found this cute little shop at St Bernard's on Mt Tambourine,  and also spent some time at the biggest IKEA in Oz, (until the new Sydney store opens, anyway).

I have a care package winging it's way towards me.  I was please to find that having never been to Brisvegas, I could navigate on foot and unassisted from the Southbank train station to David Jones in the city.  I'm not so good in the jungle or the desert but I can locate Myer and David Jones in any capital city.  It's a skill which can be underrated by those who don't understand shopping on a spiritual basis.