Sunday, December 12, 2010

Caution: low flying reindeer

That Time of year comes speeding towards me. I am largely unprepared but did manage to put up the Xmas tree and scatter a few decorations about the house. I found this cute angel last week in an op shop, it was rather nastily varnished wood but I decided it would look much better with an antiqued white finish.I spent some time in Perth this week, luckily it was not sidewalk meltingly disgustingly hot, the weather was actually just lovely. Caught up with friends, and enjoyed a lovely Xmas lunch at C Restaurant. Once upon a time called Highlight 33, this is a revolving restaurant in the city. The food was good, the service great, the company excellent and a very pleasant time was had. I can highly recommend it and we hope to do it again sometime.

It seemed impolite to include the photos of everyone at lunch, but I did snap some shots of Perth on a glorious day as we spun slowly around.

Kudos to Malcom for his charcoal linen pinstripe suit, he was the epitome of French style and a role model to retirees everywhere. Unfortunately the fashion style did not extend to patrons of Burswood Casino, where apparently shorts, manky t-shirts, and thongs are considered to be the height of playboy chic. How sad. A classy destination? Apparently not. Think cheap and tacky, avoid it and seek out somewhere more stylish - virtually anywhere other than Hungry Jacks would fit the bill.

I have said goodbye to some of my babies this week. Red Balloon, Dragon Flight, Elephant, and Babyface have gone to live with other people. Now I have some space for new projects.

Obie says Merry Xmas to all....

Now, make that list and get shopping!!!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

How safe is this?

OK, bad pun intended, but I love love love my new bedside table,
formerly a meatsafe. Strictly speaking, of course, it's still a meatsafe. It is just lovely and fits the spot perfectly. I also have a new modem, but may have to enlist a teenager - I'm not really feeling strong enough at the moment to do battle with installation. It was so hard to resist the fantastic oak desk...the Ici et La deck chairs...but this was all later in the morning.

Today started with a premium event on the garage sale calendar - the St Vincent de Paul depot garage sale. Each time we attend we vow solemnly that NO furniture will be purchased. We promise. Houses full. No space. Definitely not. Fortified by a friend's somewhat harsh (but fair) comment that my house is at risk of taking on a Steptoe-esque theme, my resolve was strong.

Books, 20c a bag - irresistible. Some toys. OK, not too many. Handbags - 50c a bag - that's a bag full of handbags. Only 3 smallish ones. Not even a lot of bric-a-brac - perhaps we were running a tad late, but it didn't seem as overflowing with irresistible rubbishy goodness as previous sales.

The 1960s china cabinet - oooh - boxy, sleek, all mirrored inside, glass shelves, front and sides - all intact and - but no. $20? Price coming down - $18? Must be strong.

I could use it to display jewellery and vintage goodness - but frankly, it just wouldn't fit. Perfect for a funky little retail venture but no room at the inn today.

Congratulating myself on my (unusual)reticence to snap up an impractical but desirable bargain, I discovered that my saling partner had purchased an old washstand while I had been busy displaying strength of character. So much for resolve. Oh, well. AND, without so much as a towel, we managed to insert it into a very small car. And get it out again later.

A note to those who may think that painting things mission brown is somehow a good thing - stop thinking. Now. Put down the paintbrush and quietly move away from the piece of furniture. Further. You are still too close. You are obviously not qualified to make this sort of decision. Take up a sport. Read a paper about horseracing. Undergo hypnosis to remove the words 'paint', 'mission' and 'brown' from your consciousness. Please. Retire to a quiet place and contemplate the question 'Whose bright idea was that, then?'

Luckily, it comes off. With a bit of work. Eventually.

Sunday, November 28, 2010


I found these little cuties on Saturday morning.
What a week it was. I have spent most of the weekend trying to sort out acquisitions and make some space to work on things. I took some before and after pics of some of the things I finished.

Yes - another suitcase - but note the little stool.

Its very sweet, isn't it?

Nice, eh?

How could someone throw this away? As a friend commented, "damn Generation X-ers".

I finally put this bird together. It has no clear purpose.

Lots of other things have been tucked away and will surface here no doubt as I dig my way down to them.

The cave of residence has been returned to pre-craft fair normality, with a modicum of furniture rearrangement and the re-stacking of the suitcases and trunks. Life, as we know it, is returning to normal. The dog has been bathed, the wardrobe reconfigured from winter to spring/summer, and gaps therein identified. Rhubarb has been planted.

I have somehow managed to accumulate quite a lot of new books. Oh dear. Never mind. They range from a volume of Ted Hughes poetry through thrillers to a volume on Norman Rockwell and various tomes on history, biography, and a small early 20th century introduction to German grammar.

I accept that I may have a bit of a book issue. I intend to continue to have said issue. I shall probably be the mad old woman in the house with books stacked in all the rooms and hallways. There are some who may say that is the case now - less of the old, people!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Adventures on the verge

Hot, humid, sticky. Five women in search of the most compelling junk. Well, to be absolutely truthful, four obsessive and slightly deranged women and one slightly confused friend. Two cars.

The penultimate weekend of BOYD. So much trash, so little time. An awful lot of laughter.

New games to play - someday I may explain 'dead dog' and how to play it. We hope that those people who saw a car scream to a halt, women leap out, examine their trash, discuss, and leave without taking anything do not feel that their junk is any less worthy, or that their self esteem should suffer. Perhaps next year.

Perhaps next year, 'thank you' notes and/or idea to be developed. It would seem a good idea to express our appreciation. Thank you to Sue, Steve and Christine for the help with the chest of drawers, much appreciated.

Another happy week of leave to go - furniture to rearrange, veggies to garden, Obie to amuse.
Maybe some more adventures...

Monday, November 15, 2010

Today's gallery

Just a sample of some of the things for Summer Street Fair and beyond...
Some fish - a collage (left) and a drawing on a vintage navigation chart (right)...
some postcards...
and yet more jewels...