Sunday, December 12, 2010

Caution: low flying reindeer

That Time of year comes speeding towards me. I am largely unprepared but did manage to put up the Xmas tree and scatter a few decorations about the house. I found this cute angel last week in an op shop, it was rather nastily varnished wood but I decided it would look much better with an antiqued white finish.I spent some time in Perth this week, luckily it was not sidewalk meltingly disgustingly hot, the weather was actually just lovely. Caught up with friends, and enjoyed a lovely Xmas lunch at C Restaurant. Once upon a time called Highlight 33, this is a revolving restaurant in the city. The food was good, the service great, the company excellent and a very pleasant time was had. I can highly recommend it and we hope to do it again sometime.

It seemed impolite to include the photos of everyone at lunch, but I did snap some shots of Perth on a glorious day as we spun slowly around.

Kudos to Malcom for his charcoal linen pinstripe suit, he was the epitome of French style and a role model to retirees everywhere. Unfortunately the fashion style did not extend to patrons of Burswood Casino, where apparently shorts, manky t-shirts, and thongs are considered to be the height of playboy chic. How sad. A classy destination? Apparently not. Think cheap and tacky, avoid it and seek out somewhere more stylish - virtually anywhere other than Hungry Jacks would fit the bill.

I have said goodbye to some of my babies this week. Red Balloon, Dragon Flight, Elephant, and Babyface have gone to live with other people. Now I have some space for new projects.

Obie says Merry Xmas to all....

Now, make that list and get shopping!!!!

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