Sunday, November 21, 2010

Adventures on the verge

Hot, humid, sticky. Five women in search of the most compelling junk. Well, to be absolutely truthful, four obsessive and slightly deranged women and one slightly confused friend. Two cars.

The penultimate weekend of BOYD. So much trash, so little time. An awful lot of laughter.

New games to play - someday I may explain 'dead dog' and how to play it. We hope that those people who saw a car scream to a halt, women leap out, examine their trash, discuss, and leave without taking anything do not feel that their junk is any less worthy, or that their self esteem should suffer. Perhaps next year.

Perhaps next year, 'thank you' notes and/or idea to be developed. It would seem a good idea to express our appreciation. Thank you to Sue, Steve and Christine for the help with the chest of drawers, much appreciated.

Another happy week of leave to go - furniture to rearrange, veggies to garden, Obie to amuse.
Maybe some more adventures...

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