Sunday, December 4, 2011

Digital TV, fish and finishing off projects

Summer is here!  In a display of hysterical optimism, I've taken the electric blanket off the bed, washed the accompanying snugly lambie, and packed them away.  I've also packed away the winter hat collection, gloves, coats and boots and lashed out on a new pair of Trippen summer sandals.   I hope it doesn't snow. Frankly, the sandals are so nice I'll risk the frostbite.

           Well ho.ho.ho. Digital TV has come to Albany and the streets are quiet as everyone is glued to their set.  Regular readers may know that I got a 32 inch LCD TV from the recent socialist redistribution of belongings.  Faced with so many coloured wires and plugs a lesser woman may have quit, but I decided to unplug everything and follow the labels.  I am the Queen of TV tuning.  Gee, so many episodes of CSI and Law and Order. Sigh.

We got some good fishing reels at a garage sale on Saturday, I picked up some interesting fishing rods from the verge and they now have reels.  There were some lovely vintage frames to replace the many which were sold with my fish, and a little 50's table.  The table is largely unremarkable and will probably end up as part of a suitcase or hatbox table. I also grabbed some fantasy books for number one son. 

It was lovely to have a weekend where I wasn't focused on the Summer Street deadline, and I was able to start sorting and clearing up all the stuff on the back veranda.  I also got to finish restoring a lovely mirror a friend brought back from England for me and I was pleased with the result.

While I was finishing off, I also stabilised a lovely little vintage papier mache tray, and a vintage stepladder shelf.  I like the tatty old look and haven't sanded  or oiled it.

I'm very pleased with this coffee table, I found the metal frame on the verge and we sourced the huge jarrah slab at the local salvage yard.  I've left some of the saw marks on the top and oiled it, its due to be waxed then it's all done. Its very tactile. The frame was sanded and treated and rubbed back with steel wool and treated and then lacquered.  I'm quite pleased with the outcome.

A bit more sorting and I'll almost be able to get to my work bench!

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