Sunday, July 22, 2012

The insouciance of the German mouse

It's OK.  I've recovered from last week's umbrage at the failure of the local authority's impression of a recycling program.  Well, not completely recovered but maintaining the rage while busy elsewhere.

I have to say that yesterday was the most picture perfect day for winter in this vicinity - dawn to dusk, warm, blue-skied, and not a whiff of wind.  Not a whisper. The water was mirror-like, people went about their business cheerily - if not a bit suspiciously, with one eye on the horizon for possible thunderstorms. 

The morning went via a garage sale selling genuine antiques at reasonable - although not particularly cheap - prices and my saling friend grabbed a lovely oak dresser for $90 and a table for $170.  I picked up a lovely old tin but when I looked inside it was full of money.  We're a trusting bunch here and the people had wandered off and left the cash tin (marked at $15, btw) on the table.

I spent the rest of the morning setting up a little exhibition at the local Library, where artists take turns in occupying the display cases with their work.  I have two weeks in occupation as an exhibitionist and am always amazed that it takes so long to set up these displays, even if you think you've prepared in advance.  Of course, I have a bit of stuff kicking around at home so it wasn't as though I had to make heaps of special stuff just for this show.

It's quite hard to photograph display cases so although I took some pics I've included some shots of other work on display for those unable to stagger by.  Lots of people said they liked it as I was setting up so hopefully it will make some people smile. 

But going through and choosing and packing up has uncovered some more new ideas and now I have a heap of new work to do.  That, and deal with the mouse (rodentia insouciantia terminalis) who is so comfortable under the work table that it sits and watches me go past before departing via a mouse hole, in an casual and some would say provocative manner.  Rodent, this will not end well for you.

From my good friends at Wikepedia I observe that the German for mousetrap is Schlagmausefalle. 
It sounds somehow more poetic. Don't ever say this blog is not educational.

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