Monday, October 8, 2012

The red leather skirt and the unexpected shortness of being a Sunday

If there is nothing so sweet as the Sunday of a long weekend, then there is definitely nothing so short as the weekend after a long weekend.

It's school holidays and the opshops mid week were full of parents who misread 'opshop' for 'playground for overly energetic and badly behaved children'.  It's very tiresome that they think its OK for the children to go completely feral while they browse at their leisure.  It was nice to see that my unhappy mummy scowl still works, even on those who aren't mine.    And here's a hint - if I (and everyone else) can smell your child's dirty nappy, it's a fair bet you can too.  Do something about it. Or everyone in the shop will talk about you when you leave - and it won't be in a nice way.

and after.
The weekend 
went in fits and starts.  I decided to finish my daughter's chair on Friday.  This was one I picked up at the Denmark tipshop a few weeks ago, in good condition, just needed an upholstery update.  The red leather was once a skirt (not mine!), and the flannel plaid was destined for a quilt.  The remainder still is.

I sorted out my frames, with the intention of framing some drawings and prints, but experienced unplanned brain fade and a crisis of commitment somewhere between the sorting out and the actual framing.  This caused me to retire to the veranda with a cup of tea and a book for a while, while I recovered.

I finally succumbed to that long postponed imperative, and got out the jewellery making stuff.  So far I've put the components for different projects in glasses on the window ledge and had a jolly good play with colours and stones.  I've covered the kitchen table with jewellery bits and made some plans.  With one's aging eyesight, it's necessary to sort out the colours in daylight, as in the night light bad things can happen. The window ledge looks nice, though, as long as no-one needs a drink.

Hopefully, by next week I'll have some more new things to show you.


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    1. Why thank you - give a girl a leather skirt, a flannel shirt and a staple gun....