Sunday, July 7, 2013

I can't fit THAT in my vintage suitcase

This week was the first of the big winter gales and boy, has it been cold.  I've cried 'uncle' and ordered firewood delivered tomorrow morning, so I guess that means I get to spend tomorrow afternoon stacking it neatly. I was starting to eye off various bits of furniture for their warmth sustaining properties, so I gave in.

The roadtrip up the west coast is but a dim memory now, but did I  mention that we took in 21 opshops and 2 tipshops, as well as an above average antique/vintage shop and some garage sales?
There are things waiting for me on a veranda in Perth.  I managed to fit a number of picture frames in my suitcase, as well as some other trinkets, but the bigger stuff will have to wait for a trailer, or a substantially empty vehicle travelling south.

I'm very excited about the old church cupboard with the metal cross, the wooden bits of crayfish pots, and the large frame with the bevelled glass. But as we know, I'm easily excitable.

The Geraldton tipshop gets full marks for both useful and for quirky. The prices are reasonable, the stock plentiful and interesting, and the indications were that it was doing a roaring business. 

I'm not even going to tell you where the antique and vintage shop is, just yet, because there are too many things there that I want to buy. I have a friend who lives nearby and she can be trusted to go forth and acquire desirable items for me. Sometimes, I'm selfish.

Among their eclectic stock were opera glasses (unfortunately no monocles), wooden cupboards, frames, toys, name it, I was prepared to desire it.  In an unusual burst of rationality, I settled for a few smaller things which we shoe-horned into the car.


Unfortunately, there weren't any exciting old chairs, settees, love seats or other seating apparatus, but perhaps when I return there will be new things to explore.  In my 'if only I had a shed' dreams, these things loom large. Amongst other things.

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