Saturday, June 19, 2010

O sweet sweet Saturday

Somedays, garage saling is as good as it gets. Due to a somewhat tight fiscal situation I left the house with exactly $18.40 in my hot little hand. My trusty companion in these adventures was somewhat better off, possible due to the exercise of some spending restraint - or having to work yesterday while I op shopped.

I came home owing her 30 cents, which really isn't too bad. For my investment I got:
A patchwork quilt for a big bed
2 bookshelves, one for $1 and the other for $2, one jarrah, one pine
A cute vintage suitcase, to balance on the top of the others
A vintage AWA transistor radio - working, needs batteries
A large frame in really good condition, inluding a mat
A bicycle pump ( the wheel on the wheelbarrow is flat)
Some bits of costume jewellery
A vintage butter knife
A plethora of wooden spoons
Some homemade biscuits and a bunch of broccolini picked this morning
A Star Wars cube thing with Luke and Darth Vader's heads - weird but strangely compelling

My partner in crime, setting an example in restraint, picked up a heavy based oval fish pan, a thingy to weigh fish, 2 chrome accoutrements in the outline of a reclining woman, and fresh fruit and veg including a bag of cumquats.

We left at 9, home at 11. Some days, I love my life.

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