Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A scavenger at heart

In the last year I met two new good friends and we set out to furnish and decorate 3 houses, spending as little as possible, but ending up with interesting comfortable homes. One of us came to town with a couple of suitcases and left a year later with a shipping container. The other one is still here and we still go out scavenging at garage sales, car boot sales, fetes and fairs and anywhere where people are shedding their belongings.
Having largely furnished our houses and acquired lots of really interesting and quirky stuff, we find that we still love a good scrounge. We meet interesting and pleasant people (and a few prats of course)and go to places we would never get to go. I also got a dog.
I have another close friend with whom I go to op shops (usually on a Friday)for the acquisition of fabulous wardrobe pieces.
Along the way we found some treasures, made over some furniture and learned some new skills.

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  1. Your blog looks lovely.
    When you think about it, now your house is almost full, cyberspace is the next logical step for a takeover.