Sunday, September 5, 2010

Spring has sprung, the walrus said

... (to misquote just about everyone.)

The kind of spring where it rains overnight and everything is clean in the mornings. It isn't dark till 6.30pm, although its pretty cool outside by then. Still need a fire at night but not during the day - this house has a north-facing kitchen with heaps of windows, so if there's been afternoon sun its lovely and warm.

Yesterday, on the garage sale trail there were Arum lilies everywhere, whole hillsides of them against the most glorious lush green. I know they are a weed and not to be encouraged but they are just gorgeous.

Last week I put in a small herb and veggie garden. You know the ads
where Bunnings say they are the cheapest? Wrong! Way, way wrong. Found this at the Home Hardware store for half the price of the equivalent at the other place. Ah, no dig....the way to go.

And of course, at this time of year Summer Street kicks into gear. From the mess comes some order - eventually, but first, there is a terrible mess.

I finished the first piece today, and was quite pleased with it.

I gathered 5 lovely frames today, from recycled jarrah, aged with bits of old paint clinging to them. They came without glass but - pause to quietly rejoice - they exactly fit the glass from IKEA's frameless clips. And I had gathered some of those, still in the packaging, against a sudden dire need. I must have been channelling a boy scout at the time.

There are other things in construction, but they aren't ready for show and tell yet. Some things are further advanced than others, this one is a work in progress. Why is it that you never have the exact teeny bit you need? I think I need to make a head and face about 1.5cms high, but that's a whole 'nother story.

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  1. The veggies are looking good! So are the arum lilies, and I look forward to developments re the summer streeting.