Sunday, September 26, 2010

gas mask leather corset octopus hat heels ring goggles brooch art sculpture skirt watch hair comb

Ah, where else but Etsy? This was the keyword list for a particularly interesting treasury. So much fantastic handmade stuff, so little time. Oh how I would like some of those glass taxidermy eyes...

This week I saw an interesting blog entry on Florence and Florence, whose motto is 'Beautiful things, re-loved.' I think it here, it comes out there - suitcases, AND my approach to sifting through garage sales and op shops.

Although I spend far, far too much time on Etsy, I have been as busy as a bee working on the stock for Summer Street, the indie market for handmade, coming up soon on 16,17 and 18 November. So here are some photos of some of the bits I have gathered and some things made from gathered bits.

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  1. Please please please can I buy that butterfly?!