Saturday, October 2, 2010

Table legs and charts

The taxidermied emu legs were an absolute steal at $50.

I really, really mean that. The poor seller's wife didn't find them attractive and apparently didn't feel that a small side table with emu legs was a decorating possibility, so he had to sell them. Personally, I thought that they would make a thoughtful addition to my decorating scheme - currently a cross between tip shop and demented hippie.

Alas, insufficient cash reserves....but it may be worthwhile keeping an eye on the tip shop. I got the distinct impression that I may have been their only admirer.

Otherwise, a fantastic made in Australia in the 50's Globite suitcase in mint condition, with perfect pink and cream striped paper lining.

And a huge stack of shipping charts, from as early as the 1930's. I particularly liked the warning on the Karachi chart saying Caution:
submarines operating in this area.

Some will be for working on, they are torn and in too poor a condition for anything else. Some are fragmented but will be frameable.

Which reminded me that I have some lovely old survey maps of rural WA, including the drawings for the water tank at the Quaranup Quarantine Station, signed by Hilton Beasley the Government Architect of the day in 1913.

In the less cerebral corner for the weekend there were some vintage 1970 rollerskates (I know someone going to a fancy dress party as Roller Girl from Boogie Nights), some faux Raybans in the Blues Brothers style ( for my baby girl's sunglasses collection), some manga for my boy, a Terry Pratchett paperback for me, some bits of vintage jewellery for repair and reconstruction, and just enough left over to buy a soft serve icecream to eat on the way home.

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