Sunday, October 31, 2010

EEEEK it's November....

Next stop, Xmas?

The weather for the weekend was glorious, after a dodgy few wintery wet days. Although I do think I detected the hint of a 'black Easterly', the prevailing Summer scourge here.It was however, nowhere near enough to stop two intrepid seekers of treasure. Equipped with a much bigger car - thank you Col's Mum and Dad - and a map of the garage sales we had to check first the for sale, then the unwanted and tossed out. Although the BOYD (bring out your dead- see last post)doesn't really start till next week, the early birds get the goodies.

Several excellent bargains - a brilliant late model sewing machine for my textillian daughter, because every girl needs to sew. A snip at $35, including case and original instruction books. I probably could have done the beating them down thing but sometimes it's just rude. From the same place, a new garden spade, and a small travelling alarm clock. My travelling companion snapped up a lovely old solid wood side table.

In the back of a dark shed in an unadvertised garage sale ( you have to look out for the signs) I found the most amazing and lovely old garden bench. See, I said we'd need a bigger car.

There was also a strange brass thing, which may have been a clock. I liked it anyway. Perhaps it will be a clock again, or maybe something else.

We eventually found our way to the last for the day, a very nice chap called Peter who was moving house. He has lived for a long time in the cutest little cottage at Middleton Beach and he has the most glorious retro, vintage and antique stuff. Apparently leaving wads of cash home so you don't spend it is not a winning strategy. My trusty travelling companion loaned me some cash, leaving herself enough for some lovely antique books on her religion of choice.

So I scampered (OK, tottered)away with a cute little apprentice cupboard. There were bigger things, also fabulous, but I am squeezed for space. Peter is going to open a shop, I will include some photos when he does.

Down to 35c, we struck out for some verge trawling (the nice sort). We did grab 3 HUGE rolls of wire - chicken and other - mainly new.

Now, where did I put those samples of laminexy stuff? I have a cunning plan for them....

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