Monday, October 24, 2011

It's over and the reviews are in....

It's over, let the process of grieving begin.  I so miss those piles of junk, little groups of treasure waiting to be discovered.

Although this year wasn't quite as bountiful as years gone by, the good stuff was there, the gems twinkling brightly. You just had to look that bit harder.

My usual companions had departed for the land of Oxfam and the Antiques Roadshow, but my new apprentice quickly mastered the philosophy and theory, the grid search, the patience and the emergency location of fast food snacks for sustenance.   Add to the mix a 4WD with a roof rack and (mostly) dry weather.

This year, a glut of microwaves and televisions, washing machines and lots of fridges. The mini stereo has been replaced, I presume, with i-everythings and there were a few radiograms and lots and lots of speakers.  So much chipboard and plastic.  Lots of kitchen and bathroom reno's, by the looks of things. Plastic outdoor chairs. 

Hardly any furniture, other than beds.  Perhaps the tighter times?  So many children's toys, prams, highchairs.  I remember spending so much time choosing those items, and yet being so glad when I didn't need them anymore.  Of course, I passed mine on to others and didn't send them to landfill. Do people not think of sending things to op-shops?

The highlights:  obviously, the 32 inch HD LCD TV, and a late find - the Apple computer in working order.  I feel slightly guilty that the evil empire has finally gained a toehold in my life.

The old pine meatsafe and the English cabinet are just lovely and I am so looking forward to getting them back into shape.  Keen for the footstool from the club lounge and desperately sad that the suite was just too much for someone with no storage space.  I hope someone who appreciates it found it in time.

I love the tin of old bits and pieces, keys and goodies, the tin trunk, the Stanley plane, the woodvice, the old tools and the working jack. The yacht sail, the tin meatsafe, the bases for some interesting tables.  The antique fishing rods.

And for others, the skateboards, the wheelbarrows, the old turned lamp, the sockets, the soft tarps,the lifejackets, anchor and other boating bits. So many suitcases, mostly the 50's/60's airtravel funky ones in blues, green and fire engine red - although they do look rather good in the only room previously without a pile of suitcases. 

Now, to make some walkways between the piles of stuff.........

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