Sunday, October 2, 2011

why do I feel like I should leave feedback for the ATO?

I've successfully completed my annual interaction with the Tax Office, on time and using their downloadable wade-through-the-online-tax-thingy thing.  It's not easier than taking a shoebox of random paper to the accountant, but it is cheaper.  The golden eagle of federal fundgathering has returned the part of my income not urgently needed to prop up the national economy in double quick time - well, when they said they would - and I'm strangely left with the lingering feeling that I should leave them feedback.  AAA+++ Tremendous taxing, will call again? or  Thank you so much, I love my refund, exactly the right size, will tax with you again? 

I spent my Saturday night tucked up in bed, watching extreme fishing on iview - note to self, are those Apple chappies somehow tied up with the ABC?  Should I be watching it on an iphone or an ipad? What if they find out I wasn't?  I wonder if they'll patent an iviewviewer? Yes, it was every bit as glamorous as it sounds, I truly am living  the dream. Wait, it gets more exciting - after this, I'm going to watch last night's Dr Who.  

After extreme fishing, I finalised my new tome - Imaginarium.  It's a collection of my scratchings on paper, some of which have been included in previous posts.You can sample it here.  I've been completely absorbed in jewellery making for a week or so and the kitchen is dripping with diamante.  No meal goes unadorned. I'm on the proverbial roll and as long as I don't need to actually cook, I'm ahead.

As we browsed the verges and trawled the trash this weekend, we were moved to ask - on what planet are those ear spacer things considered attractive?  We caught sight of a particularly unattractive youth with his earlobes brushing his shoulders, his pants looking like a sudden attack of gravity had caught him on the hop, and the pale skin and vacant expression of someone who spends his days trawling pay TV for something not too challenging to his intellect.

I can understand that there is an intrinsic beauty and art in good tattoos, although I maintain that they look pretty gross on older, droopier skin and I don't believe they seriously enhance the look of a ballgown.  

I can see that piercings can be amusing, and their advantage over tattoos is obviously that removal of most piercings doesn't mean that a plastic surgeon's kid can sign up for another school camp in France.  If you believe that sticking sharpened steel through some parts of you makes you more attractive, then hold that thought while I find a meat skewer and I'll give you a makeover.

But seriously, how does having earlobes a foot long with massive great holes in them enhance anyone's presence?  I suppose the holes may come in handy, for carrying things perhaps? Somewhere to tuck a wallet at the nightclub?  So those with shorter hair can still do the kind of flick that girls with long hair do?  What if their earlobe flicks too far and hits them in the face? Does it reduce wind resistance? Is it some sort of JaJa Binks envy?      

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