Monday, November 14, 2011

How sweet is a Sunday afternoon, when you don't have to go to work on Monday! Time seems to pass more slowly, in an exquisite way.  Made sweeter, quite literally, by fairy floss from the local agricultural show, and a new Jo Nesbo book for $2 from a garage sale.

A member of the Saturday saling triumvirate travelled from Geraldton for a spot of garage saling, tip shop trawling and a tiny chaser of opshopping. We did the rounds on Saturday. Amongst the finds, a restored 1950's desk, more books, some more old maps, chairs (various) and other treasures. Some nice chaps were selling up their grandad's house and shed, so there were lots of interesting rusty bits, including some interesting old keys in an old ammunition tin.  The visitor got some old maps of Yorkshire, and some lovely mid-century bits and pieces, including an unusual linen basket and a lovely bed tray.

Sunday was earmarked for a 'mega garage sale' in Mt Barker, approx 50kms north.  It wasn't necessarily 'mega' but it did have some lovely finds.  A deco mirror, in mint condition, a lovely metal folding outdoor table, a Dean Martin CD, a book about Hunter S Thompson, and a domed glass cake cover. And we sampled the scones with homemade loganberry jam - yum! We swept through the local Tipshop, more books,a sawhorse/plantstand/stool, more chairs, a 60's telephone table, AND just as we loaded the goodies in the car a local dealer was arriving - out of luck.  He looked so disappointed. There sure wasn't much left.

We found that we had a whole hour to get to the tipshop in Denmark, so we unloaded and headed over there, it was a hive of activity.  I found a lovely solid iron chair, crying out for an interesting makeover.  I spent my last $5 on a pie from the bakery and we headed home.  Luckily, a lot of the things were heading to Geraldton because space around here is at a bit of a premium.   

Today, we had time for a quick couple of opshops before a spot of lunch.  I got a nice gold (yes, gold) bangle for $3 and a sterling silver chain for $3.  Yup, a couple of books.

I have lots of work to do this week so I'll be sanding, oiling, sorting, pricing, making....2 weeks to go.

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