Sunday, November 20, 2011

Karma, dogma, the 10 Commandments, and tent construction for beginners

You know those days when nothing goes right?  Today wasn't one of them. As a matter of fact, I can pretty much barely remember one in the last week or so.  Of course, there are always tiny irritations, blips, glitches. Admittedly,  my memory isn't what it used to be.  But on the whole, the sort of week there should be more of.

On Monday, a quick round of the op shops to celebrate being on holiday. Gold bangle for $3. Bali gold, but gold nonetheless.  Which reminds me: email daughter who made off with it and demand return thereof.  On Tuesday, it was sunny.  To add to that, we went to the salvage yard for a good prowl.  I got a huge slab of jarrah to use for the top of a table I'm rescuing. (I'll post a before and after when it's done.) Slight sunburn.  Wednesday, a day at home, finishing off work for the impending Summer Street Fair. I'm surprisingly organised. Thursday, close friend's birthday lunch, good company, great food. Friday, op shops, lunch, yay. 

Saturday - so many garage sales, so little time.  OK, our mojo was slightly disturbed due to circumstances beyond our control and we almost missed part 2 of a killer garage sale - part one was a classic about 12 months ago and we'd been waiting for part 2.  Antique meat safes for $15 and cupboards for $10, depression-era, packing crate stuff, yum. I love that packing crate furniture. 

On the other hand, I have 3 wooden meat safes already, and two tin ones, and I probably couldn't have squeezed it into the house with a shoe horn.  I did get an old 1940's/50's map of the Mount Barker area, showing plots of land and ownership, which cheered me up.  And an old chrome Sunbeam toaster, the one with two wide slots, in mint condition and hardly used.  The holy grail of toasters.  It's not a minimalist Scandinavian stainless steel toast experience, it simply makes brilliant toast. And I have that from a toast affectionado with a fine legal mind.

Ah, Sunday.  Sunny.  Warm.  No wind. House tidy(ish).  Sorted out the veggie garden. Finished an amusing book. Finished a couple of small projects. Built a tent.  Yes, built a tent.

There seems to be a continuing demand for tents from my daughter.  She had one.  It's disappeared. I got another one at a garage sale.  The poles evaporated. Some sort of dimensional paradox in the garage, apparently.  Given the precarious future of tents in her possession, I am concerned when she borrows mine.

In the most recent socialist redistribution of crap I made a point of grabbing anything vaguely tent-like which came my way.  In the detritus, I found a perfect 3 "person" tent.  No poles.  There were the springy poley things from a much larger tent, separately, on another day.  An adjustment here, a tweak there, some re-threading of that ropey stuff in the middle, using a cunningly contrived wire thingy to help, and hey presto, a perfect tent.  And  enough bits left over to replace the poles on the dome tent from the dimensional paradox. I am the Tent Queen.

* I've been watching The Bible: A History  on SBS while I've been tapping away here. (A multi-skiller, me.)  Amongst other spurious and badly conceived claims, it said Queen Elizabeth I ordered that the 10 commandments be painted on the walls of every church. Were not the churchgoers largely illiterate? Hmmm.  NB: this what we call a Hypothetical Question.  DO NOT contact me with your views. I really don't care that much.

I'm left hoping that Anne Widdecombe MP does better in parliamentary debate than she does as a documentary presenter.  She says she disagrees with the views of Christopher Hitchens, Stephen Fry and others, but offers no intellectual reasons to counter their logical and articulate argument.  She's all for the top 10 but skips over the other 600-odd which were apparently the 'other' laws.  I hope Karma doesn't run over her dogma, but it very probably will.  Stephen Fry is, on the other hand, a Very Smart Man, and to be encouraged.

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