Sunday, February 19, 2012

No, not that sort of Saki.....

A most pleasant week ensued, following firm direct action after a tedious encounter with one of those individuals generally known as an oxygen thief (see last week's post).  The sun shone, the birds twittered (in the original meaning of the word).  The thing about not bothering with bozos is that it does annoy them so.....if you ignore them you cut off their oxygen.  There's none left to waste in fatuous argument.  I yawn in their general direction.

A visit from a good friend from the big city was most enjoyable, we ate chocolate mousse in our jammies, watched Ab Fab and drank Port.  The garage sales and opshops were disappointing but we had fun looking. 

I've been re-reading  some short stories by Saki (Hector Hugh Munro), whose sense of humour was certainly well ahead of his time.  Mrs Packletide's Tiger, and Tobermory are classics and highly recommended.  He had a particularly wicked, black sense of humour.  A strange mix of  PG Wodehouse and Downton Abbey, with werewolves.

A quick trip to the tip shop yesterday yielded a positive pile of reading material - thank you, Kindlepersons, for donating your analogue reading material, it's much appreciated.  Today, we had scheduled an outing to the Denmark tip shop, where we were spoilt for choice in special acquisitions.  My co-shopper grabbed 6 matching dining chairs, a box of table legs, a table (coincidentally missing a leg), some brand new tools, and some other fab finds to fill up her newly excavated shed.  Sadly, the Albany tip shop remains positively dull in comparison.

We pondered briefly on the whereabouts of the missing leg.  Was it perhaps kept for sentiment's sake? 

I found some marvellous old panels at Denmark, which will make a folding screen.  I've been looking for something along these lines for ages and these are perfect.  I also got some tiny things in a nice pottery bowl, an Alice in Wonderland book for a special girl, a table base, a small wooden cheese platter, and some other odds and sods. I missed a fantastic white curly iron and wooden table by a whisker.  It was touch and go whether it would have fitted in the car, but it was so lovely.

I've been getting ready to frame some new drawings and prints, making some jewellery and getting ready for some more starships.

And another kind friend brought me the mummified carcasses of two tiny birds (I'm assured they died of natural causes).  My cup runneth over.  

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