Monday, April 9, 2012

Life is better when you have a unicycle.

This was a topic of much discussion on Saturday.  We saw a unicycle for sale for a paltry $25 at a garage sale.  Good condition, one owner.  After quite a lot of discussion we, as a temporary triumvirate were forced to agree that aged bones break more easily and mend way more slowly than younger ones.  Put that together with the increased awareness of the likelihood of catastrophic gravity pockets in the near vicinity of such machines, and the remembrance of gravel rash past and we moved on, somewhat reluctantly.

Part the wisdom of age, certainly part cowardice.  Definitely the loss of a chance to meet new and interesting people in the ambulance service and Casualty.

I've had houseguests over the Easter break, I had to actually cook meals (no-one died - I'm out of practice but some sort of culinary genetic memory kicked in).  We drank some very nice port and champagne and red wine and watched some very old black and white TV shows.  Books were looked at, knitting done, and card tricks discussed.  Socialising, garage saling, hot cross buns, it's all good. Slow eating with lots of talking.

I've even had time to do some work on the back veranda - well, the pile of treasures on the back veranda.  I'm please to announce that the workbench has been cleared.  I finished a tool cupboard re-using  an old wooden 'inert projectile' case.  Some time ago I used one to make my son a bookcase, this one is outside but stores all the bits and pieces one needs close at hand.  I also converted some wooden crates to shelves and stashed some more stuff neatly.

I've done some work on a lovely old wooden baker's tray, after about 2 years. 

I'm working on making a screen from some fruit drying racks, because the winter sun gets in my eyes when I read in my favourite chair.  I'm hoping to finish a coat-rack, a small table and a couple of other little things.

Of course, any tidying up uncovers more treasures set aside for a specific purpose, which leads in turn to the commencement of more little projects.  It may indeed look like random piles of trash but each pile has a specific purpose, and each is cross-indexed to a picture stapled to a small pinboard in my head.  It's getting crowded in there and I am occasionally  forced to download blueprints via an analogue graphite and wooden transcription device into a faux leather-bound diary.

I found this last week, and it was kindly delivered by a friend this weekend.  It makes me laugh.  You can find them, with lots of other very interesting stuff, at pigeonhole

It's come to my attention that wonderful Melbourne-like shopping has finally arrived in Perth city at 140 William St, with wonderful pop-up shops for pigeonhole, William Topp, and a heap of wonderful other shops including vintage clothes, an artist in residence, and others.  Ooooh, shopping!!!


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  1. Good to see that you have your internet back! Thank you for a lovely weekend, and the meals were fabulous!