Sunday, April 1, 2012

Easter, feral bunnies, philosophy and starvation

Is that the sound of an Easter Bunny on the roof?  Or was that reindeer at Xmas?  It's all very confusing.

How does the Easter Bunny keep track of the changing dates of Easter?  Someone, somewhere, says this is the weekend which shall be Easter - do they email this to the Chief Bunny?  Australians don't seem to have fully embraced the bilby as a replacement for the feral Bunny.  It's not really surprising, faltering in the face of the commercial catechisms which include Mother's Day, Father's Day, and Xmas.  Oh, and Australia Day.  But don't get me started on that one.

Far be it from me to cast aspersions on any  festival which venerates chocolate.  As a child, last century ( in fact mid-last-century), the best part of Easter was buying the broken Easter eggs smashed, in bags for GJ Coles and Co - before it was ever a supermarket - afterwards.  I wonder what happens to the excess eggs now?  Put aside for next year?  Snapped up by supermarket employees? I can't believe that  every single egg is sold, even on sale. Where do the eggs go?  There may be a research grant in it.  There was one in working out that people who attach Australian flags to their cars are more jingoistic than those who don't (to quote the philosopher Homer, 'Doh'.)  I said don't get me started on Australia Day.

But these are the bigger questions which must be put aside in the annual panic caused by a temporary closure of supermarkets and shops - seriously, people, you won't starve and you don't have to stock up for the nuclear winter.  And if you choose to go to the supermarket with everyone else, at least have the good grace to be polite.  

I shall use my long, long weekend wisely, as part of my finishing/tidying/sorting/storing regime.  I've been making some new things both inside and out.  So far I've largely excavated the front room, other than the stacks of framed works.  My room is in reasonably good shape, given that when incoming houseguests arrive one tends to stash things in there.  If the weather holds, I'm thinking champagne on the front veranda.  If it doesn't, I've organised and stacked the firewood (in case of emergency) and it will be port and a roast in front of the fire. 

With Easter eggs.  I'm fairly sure we won't starve.
I think I shall call this range 'omnishambles'.

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