Sunday, May 20, 2012

Remain Calm.

This week, I went garage saling, and found....nothing.  Zero. Zip. Nada.

Obviously, I'm appalled.  I didn't even see something I would have liked but couldn't afford. Not so much as a book.
Hopefully, this isn't the start of the long, dark, damp winter garage saling void.

I should warn you at this stage that the following contains discussion of women's clothing, knitting and sewing.  I will not be hurt if you wander away now.  I apologise for not having anything to say which includes power tools.  I've tried to include some interesting photos but the words from now on are largely wardrobe and clothing based, although there is a mention of engineering and I may refer to rocket science.

During the week I managed to find some gems at an opshop, just to tide me over.  I found a gorgeous oversized handknit jumper, in what looks and feels to be Jo Sharp pattern and wool, in a very this-season teal colour.  It needed re-blocking but has come up a treat.  There was also an Australian merino wool jumper in a more cropped style, which also benefited greatly from re-blocking.  And some Metalicus socks, which mysteriously matched the jumpers.

While re-blocking and tidying up, I uncovered an interesting 60's skirt in brown, tan and very pale grey, so I re-styled it from maxi to a mid-length and am now seeking chocolate brown tights.  I may be forced to buy brown boots.

I also reblocked and made minor adjustments to a boiled wool jacket in grey and black; adjusted hems on assorted longstanding alterations, dug out my winter scarves and hats; and decided to see if I could make some leggings.

It shouldn't be that hard, I figure, to make them.  Sort of like very tight legged yoga pants.  Can't be that hard, right?  Found a pattern to adapt.  Found an appropriate fabric.   Adapted the pattern. 

I tried to thread the overlocker.  Then I banged my head on the table.  Read the instruction book.  Tried again.  For those unfamiliar with the Pfaff mindbender model of overlocker, you need to be aware that threading this demented machine involves 4 threads, a map in 4 colours and a large pair of tweezers. It's not for the feint hearted or those of nervous disposition.

I took a break to eat and gather my strength but I may have to sleep on it. Or take a short break to gain a doctorate in engineering and possibly rocket science.  And maybe get some bifocals.  I have the technology, I just can't thread it.

While I rest, I'll just check the prices on leggings again on the internet.

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