Thursday, June 21, 2012

Earthquakes, real proper mountains, and how we rocked those shops (shopping in a cold climate part 3)

Maintaining my gonged and zen-like calm, the grand tour moved north to Victoria.  Still crisply chilled, but the frantic pace meant we kept warm, or at least didn't have time to feel the cold. I did invest in some (fake)fur scarves and I must admit I toyed with some vintage fur coats. 

We saw Grace Kelly's dresses, jewellery, handbags, sunglasses, et al, in a splendid exhibition in Bendigo. Fabulous, just fabulous. Loving Daylesford and Bendigo, could return any time and highly recommended, even in winter.

Just love Geelong. 

I checked out their tip shop and unsurprisingly found it leaps and bounds ahead of the local one in Albany. Good opshops, too. My shopping guide found an Escada coat, and Ungaro jacket, Country Road patent boots, and a vintage 1940's pure wool tailored overcoat.  All mint condition and all genuine. 

We saw Napoleon in Melbourne, just brilliant.  We saw great independent shops with interesting, clever, innovative stuff (and bought some).  We went to Dorcas Street in South Melbourne. (say no more!) 

We ate great - and I mean really great - Schezuan food.  We ate lunch in a conservatory in Sassafras. (Book the table next to the Rosella parrots - wow.) There was an earthquake. 
The earth did not move for me, unfortunately.

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