Sunday, June 10, 2012

For Sale : Fridge, freezer, gym, chainsaw, baby. 9-1pm. (shopping in a cold climate - contd.)

I wonder which sold first, the chainsaw or the baby?  Since I needed none of these items, I looked elsewhere.

I didn't buy a deckchair.

Or a taxidermied deer.....

Damn handluggage restrictions.

Still nose-runningly brisk in the mornings and evenings but sunny, sunny, sunny and NO WIND - which is just delightful.  Yesterday, we sat outside in the sun and read for a while and it was lovely.

But I did find the coolest homeware shop in Devonport, (unfortunately bereft of cool homeware shops, on the whole) Mr Wolf.  Full to the brim of new and vintage and upcycled, beautifully displayed and coffee right next door.  A tiny pocket of aesthetic fabulousness in a desert of the mediocre and some who actually aspire to be mediocre. 

I write this is a spirit of zen-like calm, even 3 days after being gonged at the Quiet Cone in Latrobe. I went with a friend for an hour of absolute relaxation.  I sat on the mat wondering what was about to happen but I am now a complete convert and will be returning at every given opportunity. It's high on a hill with the most stunning views and I cannot rave enough.  Go, gong, it's brilliant.

Today we went to the Makers' Market in Burnie, a town where artists and crafters are truly appreciated.  Like Albany, Burnie's main street goes down to the ocean, and they are developing their foreshore alongside the working port.  Hopefully one day Albany will have the same mix of public buildings and boardwalks with public and private art, cafes, views, and  old and stunning modern buildings. From the papermakers, I gathered some handmade paper and some wombat-poo paper envelopes.  I kid you not.

We spent yesterday in Ulverstone, which is developing a real personality of it's own.  A great antiquarian bookshop and several excellent antique and collectible shops and markets, with some really good stuff at reasonable prices.  They too are developing their waterfront ( in this case the river bank) and it will look great.

 I picked up what was described as a candlelit film projector - primarily because I just liked it as an object.  Also, a glass negative frame which I believe will look great with a drawing mounted in it.  I seem to be running on a cine theme, as earlier in the week I picked up two great old cameras, with original cases.  Why two?  I couldn't choose.


And I went to visit some relatives.

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