Sunday, August 5, 2012

It's been a bit of a finishing week - the end of the Library exhibit (with excellent feedback), and finishing off a couple of projects.
I got this great vintage bicycle for The Girl last week at the tip shop which isn't really much of a tip shop.  I certainly hope I don't break a fingernail fixing it up, because then bikes would be one less thing it's safe to sell at a tip shop.  Of course, the day before I had ummed and arrred over whether to get a set of the perfect handlebars at the other tip shop, finally deciding against because it involved CRC and spanners and brute force.  Rats! Always stick with the plan, young apprentices, and get it whether you may need it or not.

The opshops during the week were all about coats.  I was out with two of my pals, browsing as you do when you have a spare minute.  Pal 1 saw this, tried it on, thought I would like it.  Pal 2 - same.  I saw it, tried it, loved it, bought it and wore it for the rest of the week. My friends have great taste AND generosity of spirit.  It also saved me having to beat them up and take the coat...

On Friday, trawling alone due to illness and sad work commitments from Pals 1 and 2 respectively, I snapped this one up at  Vinnies. Its a lovely vintage faux fur, needs a stitch or two to re-attach the lining on the bottom hem, otherwise perfect.
 Of course, when I got home there was an Ebay parcel waiting for me on the doorstep - gee, a coat I'd forgotten I'd bought.  Luckily, it's just gorgeous, fine NZ boiled wool, very light but beautifully cut.

It's a good thing I live in colder climes, and Winter has months to run here yet.  Of course, a good garment doesn't date and I'll wear them to death for years.  A few lesser garments may find their way to the oppie to make room for them, however.

I also found a pair of Fly shoes, the usual bag of books, and a few other trifles.  There is nothing like an op shop interlude to cheer up the working day.

Left to my own devices for a day this weekend I decided to tidy up the workspace - which means finish stuff in order to find the workspace under it.  These two have been waiting around for a while. 

The girl in the glass case needs something more but while I hash out the detail she has taken up residence where she is protected.  Dawn just swims on (or is she flying?).

I had to open the jewellery supplies to work on these - it was touch and go there for a while but I managed not to dive in there - I'm determined to re-organise that workspace!!! Eventually they will be pendants or brooches.

And to top off the weekend, the first strawberry of the year from the garden...

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