Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Phyllis, Fang and Moby Dick, a suitcase and a table

I'm a bit later than usual this week in posting, mainly because I've been slowed down quite a bit by ye newe stomache-ande-colde-virus combined, which seems to have sneaked by the flu shot.  My review of the newish virus is 'eeeeuuuuwwwww'. My head is still  fuzzy and I left my concentration somewhere but I can't quite recall where.  What was I saying?

Of course, my adventures in other people's treasures have been limited. (This in itself indicates the direness of my illness.)

I did stagger to one garage sale last weekend, where I got... a suitcase.  I know, I know. The winter accessory section of the bedroom was out of control and all over the bedroom so I sorted it and decided the new case would work for Scarves, various - currently in rotation. (I did actually attach a label after the photograph, because I can close the lid and store for summer.)  I also got a 1965 Australian Womens Weekly and another magazine from about 1950, and an old Kodak film cannister.

I heard today that Phyllis Diller had passed away at 95.  I  remember her fondly in her 60's heyday and it's kind of scary, looking back at how young she was at the time. Like the chaps on Dad's Army, she seemed ancient to a pre-teen kid. Looking back, of course, she was one of the first of the female comedians - so much that she was often referred to as a 'comedienne'. Now, I see her as a role model, I think, for my own approach to life and aging.  I shall certainly be working on developing that laugh. I shall miss Fang and Moby Dick.

I did manage to re-do the top of the kitchen table this week - a job I've been meaning to get to for ages, and I must say the table looks much the better for it too.  It was only a gentle rub down with steel wool and a couple of coats of a good food-grade nut oil but the top is silky smooth again.  Now I'm looking at other pieces of wooden furniture and thinking they too need some work.  After I've had a little rest, so that I may feel restored myself and able to go treasure hunting again.

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