Sunday, September 16, 2012

Plumbing in relation to a constitutional crisis

Ouch, my everything aches.  I had a bit of a sort out, which involved moving everything off the back veranda, culling the no longer desirable (or trashed by the leaking gutter - grrrr) and restacking neatly and in an orderly fashion.  Yes, sometimes I do get rid of things.

Some things just got demolished, so I could keep the bits I wanted.  One table was so past it I salvaged the top, but broke the rest up with an axe for firewood.  Very cathartic and quite enjoyable, but possibly contributing to the aching shoulders.

Of course, a friend came over today and took about half of the cast-offs, so at least they've gone to a good home.

Her trailer is still parked in the back yard as I type, it has the weekend's big buy in there.

Due to the leaking gutter, I can't unload just yet but when I do, I shall post pics. How very secret squirrel!

In a week of home maintenance 101, a mate came over to help me with some dripping taps.  First, the tap on the water meter was non-functional, fritzed, fried, fecked.  Rang Water Corporation, and it was replaced by the end of the day.  Yep, the SAME day.  Miraculously brilliantly good service. Thank you, non-privatised and unappreciated public service functionaries. I appreciate you.

Drip cessation plan resumes.  Mains water turned off - tick.  Cue muttering from mate and ominous music.
Short story,  apparently the last time anyone looked at those taps the Whitlam government was in it's prime, Sir John Kerr was an OK guy and I was fetching in a school uniform. Get me a plumber!!! And possibly some sort of angle grinder... I'd have a hot bath, but the relentless dripping would drive me crazy.

jewellery making time again!!!!

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