Sunday, September 23, 2012

the circle of life...

The wind blew so hard this weekend that I think the house is about an inch more to the east than once it was.  The rain was pelting in sideways. The words 'cold, wet and windy' do not adequately describe yesterday.

Still, there's always an upside, and it kept some of the garage sale affectionados at home.  The ones who were out, however were overly keen and the term 'feeding frenzy' could be applied.  Last week, some chap tried to take an item out from under my foot (firm direct indication of intention to buy: put your foot on it) and I had to tell him that he was going too far.  He tried to say that he was standing on the shed floor, but didn't own it.  Luckily, I was feeling somewhat magnanimous and didn't treat him to some of the responses which occurred to me.  Suffice to say, he won't be doing that again.  He'd already lost two fingers in a hideous farm accident as a child and I pointed out that the others weren't looking like a long term option if he didn't back off.  Said while smiling nicely, of course. He thought I was joking.

Yesterday, I'd just agreed to buy a table when some woman hustled in, pushed me out of the way and started to check it out.  When I pointed out that I'd already bought it and was taking the things off it so I could move it, she said that she would buy it if I didn't.  Perhaps in her shadowy alternate universe, having agreed a price and handed over the cash doesn't actually constitute closure on a deal.

It's becoming a dog eat dog world out there in the garages of the burgh.

On the way home yesterday, we called at the local tip shop, where the sales assistant/curator appeared to be busy unloading stock for the shop from the back of someone's ute.  We were pleased to see someone actually recycling stuff, not sending it to landfill.  Strangely, most of it seemed to disappear without actually ever surfacing for sale.  My thrifting companion managed to grab a neat little fishing rod only because this guy was busy stashing everything else out of harm's (and the public's) way.  It's a bit like going to Myer and having to arm wrestle the sales assistant for your new dress.

Today we made our regular pilgrimage to the Denmark tip, where several bargains were snaffled in fairly short order.  I got a crockpot slow cooker thingy, absolutely mint with original book (not so much as a food stain).  Some good books, a nice little picture frame, and some other interesting bits and bobs.

The world over there is changing.  Things have been sorted and tidied.  There are signs up with prices (books 50c, picture frames $1 and so on). There is less of an air of adventure.  There were actual traffic cones which indicated you shouldn't drive over the television installation.  Traffic cones! (shudders).

While the rain rained and the wind - er - blew, I re-organised the kitchen/laundry/studio in preparation for  being able to find things.  I even threw some things away. And found some things I'd forgotten I had (including the washing), which of course led to thinking of some more things I want to make (instead of doing the washing).

The circle of life continues.

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