Sunday, July 25, 2010

Clean sheets, dried in the sun

There is nothing like a warm sunny Sunday for drying the washing. And the smell of nice clean sheets, dried on the line in the sun has to be one of the best. Its totally worth putting them straight on the bed and not using the clean ones in the cupboard - like a little scent of summer in the winter.

Even the little doggie smells better for a bath and a brush. He dried in the sun too, and rolled over to have his tummy brushed because it was so nice and warm. He looks positively fluffy, to his disgust.

The pickings were a little slim in the opshops this week. Last week I had a jolly good trawl through the big city opshops, got a few bits and pieces but seriously limited by room in the suitcase. Got some gorgeous books though, Elizabeth's Secondhand Books could be my second home. Lucky I don't live too close, really. The serendipitousness of the place is what makes it exciting.

I managed to limit myself to "Out of Picture, Art from the outside looking in (Volume 1)" having managed not to splurge on both volumes 1 and 2. Unfortunately, Boffins, that mecca for devotees of non-fiction, was also not only just down the road but also open. Savings expended. Oh, well, I tried.

To continue the theme, a rather lovely book on the history and architecture of Rottnest Island, wittily titled
ROTTNEST ISLAND - HISTORY AND ARCHITECTURE by R J Ferguson popped up at a garage sale for well under it's secondhand list price. Should keep me going till the next booksale. Maybe.

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