Saturday, July 3, 2010

A little light reading

This week's pickings were a little thin on the ground - in numbers as low as the temperature. However, in as many layers as an onion, with a huge padded coat, gloves and scarves, the feeling seeps away mainly in your fingers, toes and nose so there are a couple of hours available for scavenging.

A pair of real (authentic, genuine) RayBan sunnies - OK, not really needed at this time of year but the sun WILL shine again - in a truly funky style and a couple of books were all I managed yesterday. The reduced spend will possibly offset the mega-spend in glorious books awaiting me under the counter at Angus and Robertson in Albany. There is nothing like finding fantastic interesting and inspiring books in a big lump all on one shelf, unless it is actually buying them.

Is there some sort of group for book addiction? Luckily I got that jarrah bookcase last week....

Today, apart from the homemade biccies and even more wooden spoons, there was a bundle of 1960's do-it-yourself home-decorating magazines. Full to the brim will faaaabulous decorating ideas as well as wonderful wardrobe tips for the lil woman at home.

I may share some of the more interesting projects at a later date, when the twitching stops. And for those who have ever rented or renovated a 60's house, I found the cow who put up that timberpanel.

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