Saturday, July 31, 2010

So much stuff, so little car space....

The fire is glowing,the house is warm, might be time for the ugg boots and some Saturday night telly.

Thin pickings indeed during the week at the op shops, despite dedicating lunchtimes to the trawl. O well, can't always be lucky. Or can you? (cue sinister music). A trinket here, a tiny treasure there.

Today was a bit of an exercise in restraint, partly due to the long, dark teatime of the off-pay week (the only thing slower is the day before payday), and partly due to a shortage of space. Well, there is space, but I use it to walk in, from room to room.

A garage sale advertised as the sale of a personal library was particularly disappointing, unless you were looking to increase your own personal esoteric entomology library - and while some of the books were interesting looking, they were really a bit specialised. I did manage to get a 1961 Alice in Wonderland but I had to haggle. Well, for haggle, read look stunned at the price until it came down in increments to the price I was prepared to pay.

The panels from a dismantled organ, oak, really good condition. I'm thinking cupboard door? Bookshelf? Coatrack? Hmmmmm. So tempted to go back for the rest of it, must not, must not. Even just to take it apart and see how it works. The corpse of the organ was free. Sometimes the smaller car is a blessing.


Couldn't leave this behind - but I had to resist 2 gorgeous 50's upholstered footstools. Luckily, got distracted- something to do with my partner in Saturday saling crime and a leather lounge suite.
She called this afternoon to say it had been delivered. Apparently there is assigned seating in rows of couches in her lounge. Something may have to go. Maybe. I think the seating in rows thing could possibly catch on.

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