Monday, January 17, 2011

bright shiny things

This baby came from a garage sale last year for $1. Seems very very happy on the front verandah and loves a soak in a bucket of water about once a month.

Spent quite a lot of time veging on the front verandah last week, consuming George VI (see previous posts) and a cracking good read it was too. A summer breeze, a sunny day, a tidy garden.
Oh, the serenity!

The bench from last week has been popped under the twisty willow and looks rather nice I think. There is a new side fence which changes the micro climate - ie, stops the sandblasting effect of the wind, at least in part. The agapanthus are blooming, new groundcovers various are starting to do their thing and all is good.

I like the way the ancient bedhead is settling into the garden too. Love that twisty willow!

The girlchild returned from her beachside idyll, suntanned and pretty darned happy. Seems like a continuous party was enjoyed by all. The boy/manchild returned to his cave clutching newly painted Warhammer and I now know far more about painting Space Marines than the average mother.

Next stop, the new school year. Last one!

I spent the weekend among the bright and shiny - the next market is not till Easter but one needs to make a start somewhere.

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