Sunday, January 23, 2011

the I-solator and the lack of face time

I spent a day
(airport, meeting,meeting, meeting, airport) in the big city (OK, not that big) this week. On my return to the less frenetic country homefront, I sat down to check what had transpired on Etsy and found this post. It crystallised what I had been thinking about the day.

Those with an aversion to weirdness - look away now. I admit it, I am a sad individual who does not own anything starting with an "I-". No pod, no phone, no pad, no whatever-they-call-their-computery-things.

I know that they are cutting edge, brilliant, fabulous and highly desirable. They do lots of interesting and useful things.

But seriously, folks. The world is out there. Can we not make it up an escalator without telling someone about it, yet not make eye contact with those around us? Are we SO important that we must be contactable 24/7 for any reason? Why do mobile phones have an off switch?

Everyone scuttling along, absorbed in their music or download of choice, no eye contact, no interaction. Yet happy to exchange constant texts with people not in sight. And to list hundreds of 'friends' on their social networking site of choice.

I'm on a nodding acquaintance with a number of people I see regularly during the day. Some, I now stop to chat with or exchange some pleasantry in passing. Even on a bad day, you walk on with a smile. Try it, city dwellers. Spend some time outside your bubble. Join the human race. Social networking can include actual people....

Oooooh, shoes....

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