Sunday, January 9, 2011

I won a free burger so I'm quitting my day job....

Yes, my expectations really are that low. Just as there is nothing more cheerful than the Sunday night of a long weekend, there are few things more miserable than the Sunday night at the end of the Xmas holiday. Luckily, I postponed the eventual return to the pit of despair by not starting work till Tuesday. One last day of freedom....

The weather has been warm, but kinda windy (I am the queen of the understatement). As snow is to Antarctica, so wind is to Albany. We have both types - easterly and westerly - sometimes on the same day.

The veggies are going rather well, but I have to keep the water up to them, the wind is as drying as the heat.

At the end of a break its always nice to look at my achievements, planned and unplanned. I read a LOT of books, some trash, some not. King George VI is proving most interesting and quite engrossing. Frankly, the resale value is also impressive. I watched some movies - Red, the A-Team remake, Going Postal(not festival movies but hey, amusing); finished some projects, including the little bird from last post;

started a few more projects; shampooed the carpet (it's the small things); shopped; gardened; painted Warhammer with my boy; hung out with friends; and just hung out.
Before (to be continued...)

Trying a bit of rudimentary weaving....and I DO mean rudimentary!

So far, 2011 is going pretty well. Let's see what happens next.

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