Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I AM vintage mid-century modern!

As those treasures from the 1950's and 60's become so, so desirable, I must point out that I am myself of that era and hence 'mid-century modern'. I kinda like it.
I have been experimenting with collage, mixed media fish - just for a change.

I was reasonably happy with this as a first attempt, although the work is too big to scan and therefore photographed a bit unevenly.

I have finished and framed some more ink on shipping charts fish, which will probably debut soon.

I'm also working on some jewellery and other frippery, as well as a special project for a friend's wedding.
I'm also contemplating t-shirts - I have to do some investigating first - and probably also some serious saving!

I have been reading widely and well - OK, widely. I discovered John D MacDonald via a reference in someone else's biography. He was one of the best of the 60's crime/thriller authors. His protagonist, Travis McGee is Jack Reacher without the overdeveloped ordinance, with a smattering of Robicheaux. Because they are not all currently in print, I have spent some time scouring all possible sources.

I finally found 10 novels for $20 including post on Ebay, and am awaiting the thunk of delivery on the front verandah. While I read those I will be searching for the remainder of the series. He was certainly ahead of his time.

Also in the pile, The Gorton Experiment (The fall of John Grey Gorton) by Alan Reid; The Short Life and Long Times of Mrs Beeton, by Kathryn Hughes; and today's find, Boy with a Camera, the Story of Jacques-Henri Lartigue by John Cech.

The slightly chilly dampness which has been falling from the sky - for those in Perth, we call it 'rain' - has been refreshing and leaving lovely droplets on the biiig spider web on the clothesline. The spider himself must be very patient, as the odd easterly breeze sometimes wrecks the web and he (she?) has to start again.

Meanwhile, some of the moths and other insects are making away while the sun doesn't shine.


  1. Those shallots were delicious, used them in an eggplant curry with homegrown eggplant, chillies and tomatoes (next challenge: knit your own rotis). Cacti are planted in that nice green pot. Look lurvely.

  2. The pillowcases look gorgeous. Oh, and stop bragging about the rain!

  3. Oops - too late! (shivers slightly)