Sunday, March 20, 2011

Not sunny here

The weekend has drizzled into greyness, luckily the rain thinned out the crowds on Saturday's treasure trail. We took an apprentice with us, it's always good to see a new convert.

This is really just an update on the weekend's acquisitions - although there was some treasure left behind - some fantastic chairs, an ornate wooden inlay box, for example - but sometimes you just have to prioritise space and money. There are only so many chairs you can sit on and I am deficient in the shed area.

This won my heart when I opened it - so cute!! Like I really neeed another suitcase. The inside is fantastic, maybe a little tidying on the outside.

Another hatbox - note to self - probably enough suitcases, hatcases, collar boxes and trunks now.


Someone had decided to cover it (quite well) but had missed the important step of not closing it till AFTER the glue dried. Time, patience and a chisel will generally open most things. Eventually.

There were also quite a lot of nice picture frames, another interesting jigsaw puzzle, and this:
Strangely compelling.

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