Sunday, April 3, 2011

Weekends are just not long enough...

Its simple. The whole work thing is officially cutting into my social life, garage saling, op-shop trawling, jewellery making, model building, and crap collection. Seriously.

This weekend was productive in so many ways. Op-shopping, check. Garage saling Saturday AND Sunday (o joy) - check. Grocery shopping, washing, housework,sort out back verandah, check. James Lee Burke novel - the first in the Hackberry Holland series -(discovered in an op-shop for $1)completed. Other acquisitions included pocket watch faces; records; a turntable which transfers records to USB; one of those shopping trolley things you can use to drag your stuff home from the supermarket; picture frames (various); two cute sidetables; a lovely and comfortable old cane chair; a table easel; and various other bits and bobs.

I don't usually use this blog to talk about other peoples' blogs, but I do have to mention a couple of sites I found this week, simply because they lead to other interesting ones.

Via Etsy, I found

Described as a place to catalogue the things you love, its like a massive pinboard of stuff on all subjects from anywhere. I haven't had time to truly explore yet but the little time I have spent has been most interesting. Kind of like random snippets of other peoples' likes...sharing everything and being able to re-pin the things you like. I sense considerable time wasting in the near future.

Seesaw offers 'daily inspiration' and covers all sorts of things, from DIY, art, fashion, furniture to their own handmade products. Again, some interesting stuff to distract one from the daily drudge.

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  1. I can see much use for the turntable thingy!