Thursday, August 18, 2011

rhinestones, bluebirds and how the stars move across the sky

I'm exhausted.  The girlchild has a school ball this weekend and every mother of a similar aged daughter wears the same hagged look.  We hemorrhage money. Dress, hair, hair extensions, eyelashes, shoes, nails, makeup, jewellery, more is not enough.  At 7pm this Saturday we retire to our virtuous couches (possibly clutching a bottle of gin) and relax.  Finally. 

I've been working on some models, for which I finally accumulated the bits needed for completion. I still have a star-ship under construction, as soon as I have an hour or so to myself it too will be done.  My star-ships are my version of how the stars move around in the sky - some have several stars, others massive infrastructure to support a single star. 
Once the models are complete, it's time to start on jewellery again.  The kitchen table is already overwhelmed as I'm sorting out what I have from what I need, and enjoying the randomness of putting things together and finding that they work.  I spent almost an hour last night untangling metres of chain.  The enamel bluebird earring finally turned up - I knew it was here somewhere.  I found trays of rhinestone jewellery, completely overlooked in a drawer. Some very nice sterling silver and marcasite. It's all looking very very shiny. 
I found a badge/button making machine yesterday on my travels - I'm thinking fridge magnets - who can say?  Note to self: read instruction book. Today, in a mid-week surprise inspection of the opshops I found a cute little box with lovely old (blank) cards for recipes - the colour and texture of the blank cards is just beautiful. Now, I need some tiny old bottles for a project which is starting to take place.  And I'm developing some definite plans for the giant plywood pterodactyl skeleton which has adorned the kitchen for the last two years.  You never know when you'll need one of those.

News just in... I hear that hair scrunchies are making a comeback - from the nineties.  Wasn't that only yesterday? Is it just me or is time speeding up?

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