Monday, January 9, 2012

Anthropomorphic personifications and their role in my reality

For those who aren't aware, I like Terry Pratchett's Discworld books.  I really, really like them.  I own them, re-read them. We have finally seen the ABC show some of the films made from the books and tonight is The Hogfather. It's definitely a bonus.
Today topped off a week of  ups and downs.  Tiny downs, it's true.  OK, one tiny down - we went to the Denmark Tip Shop but found it opens only Friday to Monday.  We went on a Wednesday.  Luckily, all the opshops were open, AND we got a pie and a chocolate eclair. 

The highest of the high points was a garage sale today at our very favourite address, with all sorts of interesting paraphernalia.  Rusty shite.  Tools.  Old furniture.  Rocking horses, some headless.  A pedal car.  The nozzle from a petrol bowser. Unidentified weird old objects.

The purveyor of these treasures can be relied upon to provide interpretation, social chitchat and amusing anecdotes.  I ended up going back three times, once yesterday morning with my usual saling partner and her Mum, again in the afternoon with another discerning junk collector, and a third time with a trailer to pick up the fabulous old kitchen table the latter bought to restore.  So much junk, is it worth going back tomorrow?  Other garage sales pale in comparison.

Women 800km away whimper when told where we've been.

I love the galvanised tin bath, the plant stand, the ordnance box, the old tools, the many and varied other bits.  I'd spent the last week clearing up the back veranda and in one afternoon managed to fill it up again.  For those who truly appreciate it, here are some more pics:

Last week I started work on a footstool left over from the verge collection.  I recovered the couch cushions (one of the jobs I'd been putting off for about 10 years) and I'm pretty pleased with the outcome. In an outstanding adventure we installed new legs on the couch at the same time.  I knew that meatsafe full of couch and chair legs would come in handy.

After  a week of goofing off, and  a week of working on projects with a spot of above average trawling, it's time for a social week as a good friend from interstate comes for a visit.  A small flurry of housework and all will be well for her arrival.  I love stay at home holidays. Been getting through at least 3 books per week, too.  Luckily, I have lots.

This week's quotable quote:    The absence of evidence isn't evidence of its absence. (unknown)

Right now?  Cheesecake, methinks.

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