Sunday, January 15, 2012

Those who are about to work, I salute you.

Now that was a holiday week!

The weather was beautiful, the company excellent.  A good friend was here from Victoria, it was brilliant catching up and getting together with other old friends. The kind of friends who are completely at ease in each other's company and laugh a lot.  They also truly appreciate ice cream. The five of us had some serious fun.

I had called on Saturday, when she was packing, and was assured that the suitcase was full, no room for purchases.  She arrived with a pair of shoes in her handbag, bought at the airport, and that pretty much set the pace. Getting all the extra shoes into the case paled in the face of the table and chairs, bought Friday.  In between we did lunch and dinner, were taken out and about by his Worship, watched Red Dog (and cried), went to William Bay, op shopping and garage saling, ate oysters and icecream, drank gin and tonics and a LOT of cups of tea and talked.  A lot.  All go but all jolly good fun.

I can say that the Butter Factory in Denmark has some really good handbags and sells (unexpectedly) Elk jewellery, shoes, and clothing. 

The whole thing was pretty special and everyone had a good, good time.

I still have two days before I have to go back to work, and lots of projects to finish.  But the house is clean and tidy(ish) and I've finished quite a lot of things - although I have a lot of new ideas. 

The fabulosity of the week was further enhanced when my baby was returned to me - a vintage diamond and pearl ring which had been misplaced almost 3 years ago while left in the care of a third party who shall remain nameless.  It turned up having mysteriously hidden itself but is now safe and sound - although the legend of the man look is confirmed. I'd missed it a lot, it was given to me by a special lady and it's value to me is much more than just it's monetary worth.

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