Sunday, January 29, 2012

Skulls, skellingtons, clockwork dragonflies and tipshops

It's been an event packed week.  Some close friends have been in New York and I am insanely jealous, not least of the snow. The weather here has been hot hot hot until today, and I needed the break.  Today was just windy, windy, windy but much cooler.  There's a cyclone lurking down the west coast so who knows what we'll have this week.

We were out and about today, an early visit to the local tipshop.  My friend picked up a nice little writing desk, and we decided to call on another friend for a cup of tea and to examine a new power tool in her possession.  While we were kicking about in the leaves in her back yard and drinking our tea, she pointed out a not-so-recently departed bird, a gift from a local cat.  Not a parrot, but definitely an ex-bird.

Knowing my strange habits, she presented me with a plastic bag and retreated, making gagging noises.  Unfortunately the skull was not to be found, but I did get a nicely mummified wing, and one little skeletal bird leg.  I'd include a photo here but I don't want to offend the super-sensitive.  Earlier in the week my friend had found a lovely little bird skull, which she gave me (without visibly gagging).

I used it in a little collection:   

I have the feeling this will be the start of a little series.  I'm working on a clockwork dragonfly.

We finished off refurbishing a cabinet from the last verge collection this week, it required the manufacture and replacement of the two back legs and it was a long and time consuming process, but ultimately the cabinet looks fabulous and unless you know just where to look, the repairs aren't obvious.  I was going to give it to another under-furnished friend but in the meantime it's slotted into the front room.
Also from the tipshop today, a gorgeous vintage cane basket, a towrope (long story, involves a landcruiser, a range rover and a lot of mud), a metal gasket, and a shifting spanner.  Not bad for one dollar, but then I did help to unload the ute.

I also repaired, rebuilt and refurbished a cute little mirror during the week.  Pretty chintzy but nice in the right setting.

Next week, I need to japan some tabletops for occasional tables...and maybe buy one of those power tools.

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