Sunday, December 2, 2012

Aching eyelids and inspiration

Everything aches, even my eyelids individually ache.  That was the 4 day extravaganza that was Summer Street, Xmas 2012. As you can see, not everyone was as excited as perhaps they could be. There's always great consternation at home when I start loading suitcases, and when I take furniture with me? He was somewhat tense. Apparently staying in the trailer was the best option.

Wow, great venue, lots of light and windows, fantastic people, great products and lovely displays.  I won't put up too many photos because there are lots of really good ones available here and here.

Thanks to everybody for being so clever, making, bringing and buying such beautiful wares, getting along with each other and helping out.  

It was great to meet so many people, catch up with old friends, and talk to them about our work.  

Summer Street has been running for about 25 years now, and people who came with their parents are now bringing their kids to shop handmade and vintage.  Even in a relatively small place like Albany, I only see lots of people once or twice a year and it's great to catch up. 

I was able to make myself let go of some gorgeous vintage suitcases, a coffee table and a chair to new homes, as part of my personal 'be able to see the floor at home' strategy.  Of course, an emergency trip to the tip shop saw me drag home a fabulous old trunk with an upholstered top earlier in the week - stuff goes out, stuff comes in.  I can't help myself.  The trunk says "D R Guest Fremantle" and the bottom was lined with the West Australian newspaper from 1961. What should I use to re-upholster the top? I have a stash of fabric in a vintage suitcase, somewhere.

I overheard someone say that they found Summer Street to be 'inspiring' - and that's what a good artisan market should be.  It's the highest praise I can think of.

Special personal thanks to the kind gentleman who gave me his store of survey charts and maps, to be drawn on.  I can hardly wait to get to have a really good look at them.  How exciting! I also have lots of ideas for new projects and can hardly wait to get started - as soon as I've cleaned the newly found floor.

Now where was that vacuum cleaner?

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