Sunday, December 16, 2012

The Beatles, Santa, and the Jacaranda tree

I love Jacaranda season.  Possibly best tree ever.  The grass under this one was a purple carpet.  The 'trees drop leaves and must be removed' crowd must hate this one.

They have no souls.

'Twas the week before Christmas...' and everywhere, panic sets in.  Because I've been on hols, and busy with markets and making and generally staying out of the shops (other than the opshops, of course), it came as a BIG surprise when I had to go into town this week.  Good grief.  Everyone has that wild-eyed possessed poodle look.  You've had a year, people, is it really a surprise?  

Santa came to me early this year, in the form of the best day's garage saling and tip shopping for about 6 months. (Don't get excited,the Albany tip shop was as disappointing as ever).  The measure of the perfect day is when the owner at the last garage sale will take all the coin left in your purse, for the pile of stuff that no-one else is likely to want because it's 3pm and they have just about had enough.  I came home with no coins in the purse but some oh-so-good stuff, tired, broke, but happy.

But seriously, is there such a huge market for rusty washers that the lady was nervous about taking $2 less than the asking price?  I thought I was the only one who likes them...  Apparently, so does her husband.  Anyway, they're mine now.

There are quite a few 'befores' this week, even though there are a lot of almost 'afters'.  Some new models are awaiting final paint and varnish/sealer.  I made myself leave them to dry properly overnight, after I  stabbed myself in the finger with my pocket knife attempting a complex manoeuvre.  I took it as a signal that I was over-tired and possibly over-excited.

I've acquired 6 antique cricket stumps, the ones with the copper banding and the seriously pointy bit at the other end.  I'm not an expert but I'm led to believe that 6 is a complete set, and these are very early 1900's. The challenge: to do something 'arty' with them that reflects what they are without looking 'sporty'. Or kitsch. Bad kitsch, as opposed to good kitsch, of course.  It's a fine line.

I'm probably going to need someone to cut some stainless steel for me for that one. 

I'm loving the 1962 Readers Digest, the carved deer head and the stack of New Yorker magazines.

 The wooden cheese box, which was stuffed with wooden handled chisels.  The pilot from the radio-controlled plane. The big wooden wheel (no, I don't know, so don't ask.)  

The Beatles cheeseboard.  
Why the Beatles? Look at the pics closely.


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