Sunday, December 23, 2012

Ho.Ho. Ho.

With the hot carrot-scented breath of a reindeer on the back of my neck, I note that the Big Day is drawing closer, and closer, at speed.

The presents are wrapped and under the tree. Said tree is decorated.  Reindeer are good to go.

The mice are preparing for a quiet one tomorrow night, Christmas eve.  They shall not stir.
I've had a peaceful few weeks between markets, and managed to complete some new models, some of which sold from the kitchen table or shared photos, and didn't even make it to the second market. 

I posted some pics on Pinterest and kind people have repinned or liked them.  This is good.  (I'm still just a tad surprised when other people like my work and a teeny bit nervous about going too public with my babies.)

Pinterest itself has communicated with me, as these websites tend to.  They sent me an email, entitled 'Pins you will love'.  Sadly, I did not love them.  I mean, hey, they were quite nice pins in their own rights but I was not thrilled, excited or amazed by them.  Perhaps the email should say 'Pins you might kinda like'.  I've seen other stuff I did -well - love/like a lot/find interesting.  But these were not they.  I guess Pinterest hasn't worked out all of my secrets just yet.  I shall maintain my air of mystery a wee while longer.  Call me Mata Hari.

I have only about 10 days of leave left before I'm forced to return to the pit of despair to continue earning to subsidise my foibles.  When the little dog looks sad as I leave for work, I tell him brusquely that I am working to buy his (upmarket) dog food.  He saves his energy by snoozing, that he may rejoice at my return.  This is as it should be. I'm certainly rejoicing on my return, especially when the longer daylight hours mean that I can garden, or work, or sit and read outside.

All the saleable goods and display items have returned home from their temporary market home and been stashed in their storage spots.  I noticed it took two trips to deliver the goods to market and only one to come home, so it must be a positive outcome. 

This also means that I'm free to play with new ideas and designs for a little while.  I also need to do quite a bit more tidying, stashing and even - gasps from the audience - tossing out/giving away.

The idea has left me quite lightheaded.  I think I'll need a little lay down while I think about it.

Merry Christmas, all.

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