Sunday, March 24, 2013

after the before

Befores and afters, this week.

I could show you the befores and afters of my hands, but you probably don't want to see happy snaps of broken fingernails, blisters, and other wounds.  Ouch.

I've also been working on some new fish, I have 3 commissions to complete before I depart on my Big Adventure.  More of that next week.


I got this stool a while ago, I like these wind up stools, and this one has a wooden mechanism.  The seat was, as we say, gestumphened - an ex-seat - but I found a handmade lazy susan at a garage sale to replace it. It had been very thoroughly and meticulously made by an older gentleman, which means that demolition took a long time and caused most of the aforementioned injuries.  It took a chisel, some bandaids and a lot of patience, but I'm happy with the result.


(As an unrelated aside, the repurposed dishwasher drawer makes the best underbed storage.)

I've been thinking about garden art for a while now, I've been gathering the bits and struck out this weekend to make some prototypes.  

On the recurrent Alice theme, I like the old enamel teapot.  It's quite small, but I like the colour.  I'm working on some teacups to go with it.
And on the more ethereal front, I like these glass ones, they are upcycled light shades and the light makes them almost glow.

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