Sunday, March 10, 2013

Inglourious tipshop trawlers, unite!

The election came. The election went.  The sun still shone - well, OK, it rained, but it was the first rain for ages and most enjoyable.  But the world continued to turn.

As previously reported, the domestic archaeological recovery team went on a road trip, like Thelma and Louise, without the headscarves and the convertible, but with a 4 wheel drive and a trailer.  No sign of Brad Pitt, except in a viewing of Inglourious Basterds on Sunday night.We found a new tipshop (new for us - it's been there a while).  We found the Armadale Tipshop. It was so good, we went twice, and took friends.

The City of Armadale shows a real commitment to recycling, with the full range of items for sale, from building materials to homewares to furniture to electricals to clothing. It's well set out, the prices are very reasonable, the staff are helpful and friendly. There seems to be a common link in good tipshops - the staff are committed to what they do and the managing council is prepared to provide some proper resourcing.

We found some very cool things - including an old metal milk crate, and yes, another suitcase.  We didn't see a snake.

It was a very professional operation and a new must-see destination for tipshop trawlers. They're open Thursday 10 -2, Friday and Saturday 8.30 - 4.30 and Sundays 8.30-4.

City of Armadale - a sign or two from the highway would be really helpful. 

We called in at Kojonup in the hopes of catching the opshop open but, as has been the case every time for the past 24 years for me, it was closed.   One day, I'll get there. Tragic as I am, we took photos through the windows.

They don't have a tipshop.

We revisited the Mindarie tip (as reviewed here)again.  This time (a weekend) there was less to choose from, probably because of the larger numbers of shoppers. I got a bag of books for a good price, but didn't really see much else I just had to have.

The Balcatta tipshop ( also reviewed here) was, as always, a happy afternoon's trawling.  Having learned to sneak straight into the carpark, it was quicker to get to the good stuff.  An excellent selection of everything from the rusty to the ridiculous.  The staff were a little more - ahem - laid back that at the previous two establishments but the through traffic was positively hectic.  It took ages to find someone to pay or answer questions, which was a bit disappointing, but then there was heaps of stuff coming in all the time too.  The prices were considerably higher than last time but then it seems that the pricing policy is dependant upon the individual on the day. It remains less organised but way more fun and is still highly recommended.

We haven't unloaded the trailer yet, so there will be more pics next week.

We also found 2 good salvage yards, a pile of timber and firewood, and collected some other interesting bits and pieces.

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