Sunday, July 17, 2011

Post modern modern - Old is the new new yet again

Who knew, when all those record shops closed, and all the people selling records at markets finally gave up and switched to flogging cd's and dvd's, that retro would bring back vinyl?  My pathological aversion to letting go has once again paid off in spades as I have dug out the hi-fi gear, dusted it off ( and I do mean that quite literally) and excavated the record collection.  I note, in passing, that spending the extra way back when and getting the top of the range paid off.  O ye - who pointed out that Throbbing Gristle (a grunge band before grunge was even a genre) were wasted on electrostatic headphones - of little faith.  True, I gave away the TG album, which did indeed sound as though it was recorded on their manager's dictaphone from the back of a gig, to a friend for his 40th birthday, but I still have the headphones. (He was thrilled, by the way, with the gift.)

I can tell that you're dying to know - the single from the album in question was 'Discipline'.  I'd quote some lyrics but it's true, they were a bit indecipherable and haven't made it through the filter of almost 30 years.

Some unexpected treasures this weekend - some glorious 60's/70's fabric - John Kaldor and what looks very marimekko-like barkcloth in stunning black, white and grey. Some interesting satin-y fabric, intended for a quilted throw. Some glasses (for the eyes, madam, for the eyes).  Some interesting wooden boxes, jewellery bits.  A metal starburst black metal and brass clock - I know its 70's, because its engraved.  A funny little mirror. Some small picture frames.  This and that.  A walk on the beach, a Denmark pie.  3 local avocados for $2.   And a bucket of brilliant beach detritus, including a fabulous delicate dried seahorse.

I'm still busy knitting beanies, sometimes from the warmth of my electrically blanketed nest.  News this week, though, that a friend literally quite physically bumped into Johnny Depp last week, in London - six degrees of separation dramatically reduced.  I'm led to believe that when her ability to speak coherently returns she will have quite a lot to say.

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