Sunday, July 10, 2011

What is it with men and maps??

A friend got in touch last week.  Haven't caught up for oh, 30 years.  He's travelling about and passing through and we thought it would be nice to catch up, do dinner, compare child horror stories, exchange 'whatever happened to...?' information, and so on and so forth.  I began to get nervous when he mentioned that he was catching the train.  We have no rail service.  I asked a few pertinent questions - did you mean to type 'plane'?  He assured me he had counted the wheels and there were far too many for a plane.  Be there soon. About 3 hours later - to quote him - the penny dropped.  Yup - wrong town.

My permanent acquisition program has been slowed by inclement weather (even for me!), a bit of a head cold (now passed), and lack of funds (post-holiday). I've spent some time sorting through more holiday finds and have included a couple of the fabulous and quirky vintage postcards and photos which seemed to just jump into my hand.

I also spent some time mounting prints of some of my original drawings, for listing in my Etsy shop.  I must admit that selling drawings is a bit like selling your children...and far more personal than selling jewellery. Strangely, the same images on a card are not so personal, and I will be making up some cards and postcards in the next few weeks.

I also found a copy of the 1965 'Red Book" for cars in an antique shop in Ulverstone, in Tasmania - along with  oh-so-many picture frames, which totally had to be left behind, to my pretty much eternal regret.  With it, I bought some 1920's and 30's copies of my high school magazine, one of which has an uncle of mine on the staff and contributing articles.  This stuff is really, really going to annoy my children one day.   

The cooler weather has re-awakened the urge to knit, luckily I maintain a stash of yarn for just such emergencies.  I revisited Ravelry for inspiration and downloaded some truly wicked hat patterns for free. If the dearth of truly interesting hats continues I may have to go back to making them- now where were all those hat blocks?

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