Sunday, July 3, 2011

The winter of our warm content....

Back at home, back at work.  Cold, wet, cold, cold cold.

I gave in, after many a year. I weakened and bought an electric blanket.  O, so snuggly warm when the wind is howling and the rain is pouring - and I do mean pouring. How did I manage without it?  My next challenge will be to drag myself from the warmth and face the working week - tomorrow morning.
The rain did put a damper on the garage sales for the weekend, and the end of financial year meant that my opshopping partner was delayed.  Really the only score for the weekend was a vintage steamer trunk, snatched from a garage sale after 1pm on Sunday and dragged back to my lair to join its cousins.

With my travels a dimming memory, I did think I would share a couple of the trinkets I bought for myself along the way - a lucky cicada from the 50's/60's, lucite with just a touch of silver, and a glorious bug-on-a-bar brooch in sterling silver.

 I have finally bitten the bullet and opened an Etsy shop:   at

Here are a couple of the things which are presently listed.

I have listed a few pieces and will be listing more as time goes on.

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